Sunday, May 14, 2017

Method for Roasting a Lamb Questioned

New Zealand Herald
15 May 2017

Ana Samways

Ours is not to question why

"In the good old days when a leg of lamb was affordable, many a Sunday we enjoyed roast lamb as did most Kiwi families," writes a reader. "I well remember dear mother always cutting around four inches from the hoof and bending the leg piece back at right angles. I on one occasion asked mum why she did this, having seen her do it many times over the years. She explained that grandma did it that way and having learnt all her cooking from her mother, she has always done exactly the same.

On my next visit to see nana, I asked why she always cut the leg of the roast lamb before placing it in the oven and she replied, "I only had a small roasting dish and had to cut the leg to fit the lamb in."

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Canadian Serviceman Buried Under Dunsfold Aerodrome During WWII

National Post [Toronto]
11 April 2017

Jake Edmiston

For decades, staff at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in southern England talked of the dead Canadian beneath the runway. Clifford Davies heard the story when he started working there in the 1960s, 20 years after the Royal Canadian Engineers built the airfield during the Second World War.

The story, as Davies recalled, was about a Canadian accidentally killed by a machine during construction of one of the runways. Under war-time pressure to finish the aerodrome on schedule, the Canadian serviceman’s comrades kept working, leaving him entombed in the cement.

“It was just general knowledge, really,” Davies said, adding that he had never seen any evidence of the claim. “It was a very strong rumour.” […]

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Message Warns that Black South Africans Are Planning “Something Big” for April 6

Centurion Rekord [South Africa]
18 March 2017

Jason Milford

A fearsome message inflicting unimaginable destruction has spread like wildfire in Pretoria warning people that Black South African citizens are planning something ‘big’.

People all over social media platforms and WhatsApp crime prevention groups are scratching their heads, trying to figure out where the message is coming from.

The person who constructed the message, said the following:

“Listen carefully. On the 6th April I need you to be very careful. Book off from work. Tell everybody to stay home. The kids too. The blacks are planning something very big in PTA and JHB and surrounding areas that day. This is not a game.” […]